Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Brazilian superstar Adriano, who netted the victor in the 1-0 win over Ascoli on Saturday, and Uruguayan midfielder Alvaro Recoba are unrealistic to characteristic yet Figo, who did not venture out to Glasgow with the squad, demands whatever is left of Mancini's multi-million pound stars owe Artmedia and Porto, who can both still qualify from Group H, an execution.

He said: "regardless I accept we will start the diversion with a solid side loaded with senior players yet the mentor may provide for eventually on the pitch to different players as well.

"On the off chance that our extraordinary stars don't play a full 90 minutes that doesn't mean it will be simple for Rangers.

"Bury Milan have a tremendous, effective squad and we have all that anyone could need quality to win in Glasgow without a full- quality group.

"This is the Champions League after all and with such a variety of people viewing us from all around the globe we will most likely provide for everything we've got"we may have qualified agreeably for the following stage however this hasn't been a simple gathering. In this rival each adversary is troublesome.

"On the off chance that Inter ever went into an amusement accepting we would win it effortlessly we would lose.take Manchester United for instance, they may have thought Villarreal were a simple group however the results they've had against them have demonstrated the inverse.

"There is no peril at all of Inter not trying our hardest to win this diversion. No match is ever insignificant.

"Artmedia and Porto have nothing to stress over. I can guarantee them Inter will approach the diversion almost as we have done the various Champions League matches.

"There is stand out point between Artmedia and Rangers so we owe it to everybody to give 120 for every penny. It is reasonable and right that we attempt our best to win."